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encourage technical talent and galvanize them to perform their best.

At venturewise, we are in regard to shower you with state of art technology for creating the output, that helps you to travel through a amazing technological sojourn and Endeavor your personal talents in this highly blessed platform, to give outstanding results. We are here to mentor you on your every step and make you much more better individual than you actually are. Come join us in our voyage towards perfection.

We are looking for a Full-Stack Web Developer as a part of our small software team to develop the web application to complement our wearable sensor. In particular, we are targeting engineers who are passionate about creating memorable user experiences, dynamic websites that load instantaneously, and who care about the maintainability and robustness of code as much as its performance.

We expect that you
›   Are a self-motivated quick learner
›   Are an expert in HTML5, Javascript and CSS
›  Are an expert in Python
›   Have developed all aspects of several websites/applications that you can show us
›   Are an expert in AJAX and DOM manipulation
›   Are proficient in web development design patterns like MVC
›   Are completely comfortable working with UI/UX designers and taking their output (Graffle, PSD) and incorporating it into your work
›   Excellent troubleshooting and analytical skills
›  Ability to work in a team
Our offer
›  Work within a fast growing company with a young and informal culture.
›   Flexible hours, an attractive salary with nice toppings.
›  An awesome team of talented people to learn, work and play with.
›   Thanks to well-defined, transparent wage and function trajectories you know what to expect of you career
›   Kick-ass projects & international clients (we work with the big boys around here).
›   Opportunities to grow together with the company, led by an ambitious team of directors.
›   Space for personal growth with a personal budget for you to boost that growth.
›   Fresh and varied meals every day, made by our very own chef ‘Tante Hilde’
›   Familiarity with Neo4J, Neo4J clustering
›   Java VM tuning
›  MongoDB tuning and performance optimization
›   This is a full-time position in NYC. The compensation package includes benefits and equity.
›  Comfortable with AWS, MongoDB, SQL, git
How To Apply
Send an e-mail to jobs@venturew.com with your resume. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Address : 3rdFloor, Pacific Towers,
Ayyappa society, Madhapur,
Hyderabad - 500034.
Phone : 040 - 4011 2349
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