Nurturing your ideas
VentureWise is a seed stage funding company that works on basic fulcrum of any metier. We are here to invest in novel technologies and start up firms that have long haul heightening potential, who are on their voyage to become the proud owners of exceptional future.
Collaborative Journey
Here in VentureWise we believe in travelling in conjunction of ideas, experiences, talents and beliefs. come join us to form a team of two perfectionists, who are embedded with creative talents and encompassed in the shield of strong belief.
Realizing your vision
VentureWise makes your innovative idea travel the distance from your mind to the globe. We feed your seed level budding business with vitamins of correct advice, thus enabling you to turn your Vision into reality.
Socializing Your Business
As a business funding partner, we provide leverage to your business socially as a brand. We work with extensive expertise bundled with abundant experience, and connections with industry experts who are very potentate to make you successful.
Kamal Chowdary
Ganesh Kamineni
Rizwan Sheriff
VP Products
Kamal Chowdary

Kamal Chowdary laid his first stone in this hi-tech technological platform long back, while getting trained in his college days, he got a chance to join CMS, as software engineer and entered the list of coding species. As an individual he is fun loving, plain spoken, and especially a team player. His positive attitude and his confidence keeps his growth curve moving up. Before joining VentureWise , his sojourn took him to many destinations, where he got a chance to become founder of security labs, a cyber security firm. He is a post graduate in MSC in computer forensics and IT security from Bedfordshire in London and also holds a MBA degree from Manipal university.
VentureWise believes in collecting the best ideas and weaving them into fine dreams that come true. We at
VentureWise are working with the best possible industry network and sieve out the best possibilities for you.
We are ready to invest on seed level start ups and companies which are on their sojourn towards development.
VentureWise revamps the latest and moves it towards development.

Rendering finesse

We mentor business ideas and give maximum output with help of management with excellent individual talents that will make your success rate shoot high and give you hamper of success goodies. We know your capabilities, avail-abilities, future requirements and hence develop them ingeniously.


VentureWise invests its time and strength in developing the customer’s business to a new level and help you in providing all the required operational needs and give you the substratum to build your nest. We walk with you hand in hand in pushing all the hurdles away from your success.

Escalate profits

We select only those companies which match our framework and which we believe to have embedded potential to get business running. To escalate profits, we make the customers work with talented expertise that can help you plan your moves, plan your investments, help you choose your faction and get you the best out of everything.

Converting talent into achievement happens when all elements required for success are intersected in coterie to form an excellent opportunity that can cover every concept with excellence. Here in VentureWise we believe in each and every part of our investment and our expertise, to make every sector triumphant.
Cyber Security
Advertizing & Monetization
Internet of Things
We've got picked up some of the biggest thinkers in purchaser, business in addition to disruptive systems and we showcase them on our platform as a proof of our outstanding performance and innovativeness. We are not here to speak but unveil what we can do for you.
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